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Are you or your sales team struggling to get new clients, and/or keep the clients you have? The Champ Group has proven strategies and practices that help you get different results. Our mission is to help you unleash the inner champ and learn, grow and succeed. Our first step is to assess your current situation, understand your previous attempts to build sales and evaluate what worked and what didn’t work, then identify the best solution. Through a combination of frequent and consistent group training, and one to one coaching, our clients learn to change their thinking, create new actions that yield different results. Learn how to sell.


Are your high potential employees getting the tools they need and deserve to advance in your organization? Is your current team performing to the high standards you expect? Our first step is to assess your current situation, understand previous attempts to maximize leadership potential and identify the best solution. The Champ Group has proven tools and resources to build leadership effectiveness through consistent group training and private Mastermind Groups, and one to one coaching. Our mission is to unleash the inner CHAMP of you and your team. Learn about our leadership training.

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Who We Are

Michelle Beauchamp

Michelle Beauchamp, founder of The Champ Group, brings her real-world experience to your business environment. Her combination of corporate sales and leadership, as well as multiple years as an entrepreneur, has equipped her to empathize with a variety of business needs and challenges. She is passionate about helping others recognize their strengths, and helps remove doubt, and replace it with confidence by stepping out of the comfort zone and discovering potential.

Michelle references content that gets results, while preserving self-respect. You’ll learn the importance of holding yourself accountable as you grow personally and professionally through our unique program of training, coaching and reinforcement.

Our mission at The Champ Group is to unleash the inner champ of individuals and teams through group training, one to one coaching/mentoring and consulting. We get excited when we see people changing their mindsets, creating new actions, and getting different results.

Our philosophies, content and curriculum align with our experience, drawing from 25+ years selling and leading teams in corporations and as entrepreneurs.

We care about the whole person and recognize the importance to incorporate participation and sharing real life experiences with learning. Participants value the ability to lead their lives with more vigor in the business world, with the community in which they live and lead, as well as their families.

The fulfillment we receive is when we know we help our clients learn, grow and succeed.

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